Shara Rose is a singer, songwriter and professional dancer, so music is in all aspects of her life. Originally from Perth, she now lives in New South Wales. This year she’s been on tour with Jason Owen and Tania Kernaghan, and she’s been releasing singles, ‘Coming Home’ and the latest, ‘Four Chord Song’.

Shara and I had a long conversation because she has many interesting and insightful things to say, apart stagecraft and performance, songwriting and music in general. We also spoke at length about her song ‘Hold On’ and what inspired it: her experiences with endometriosis. I appreciated her candour about the difficulties this condition has presented her with as a performance and no doubt others will appreciate having their experiences acknowledged simply by her talking about them, given that endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects many women yet it’s not talked about as openly as it should be.

You can watch our chat on YouTube (below) or listen on the podcast. | Listen to Shara Rose on Apple Music