Wren Bellette is an Americana artist who now lives in Melbourne after moving from Adelaide, where she was a member of The Heggarties, which released an EP and a self-titled album which debuted at #3 on the iTunes Country Chart in 2016.

Now Bellette has recorded a solo album co-produced by Taasha Coates of The Audreys and due for release in 2024. The first single from the album is the soulful ‘Woman’, which is having its premiere here today. Bellette’s vocal will grab you from the very first notes and hold onto you, expressing pain, dismay and, ultimately, defiance.

‘It’s about calling out someone on their bullshit,’ Bellette says of ‘Woman’. ‘About a friendship that ended up being damaging to me and saying to them “I see through you, I don’t buy your excuses or justifications because I actually know you and I know why you did what you did to me, even if you won’t admit that to yourself”.’

As a first single from an album, it’s quite an announcement – clearly there is much to look forward to. You can listen to ‘Woman’ by going to: https://wrenbellette.bandcamp.com/track/woman

Bellette launches ‘Woman’ at Cafe Gummo in Thornbury, Victoria on 23 November.