South Australian singer-songwriter has one of those voices – you know, one of those voices that grab hold of you and don’t let go, and that seem more complex with repeated listening. At times on this six-track EP Briggs sounds like she’s evoking traditional Irish performers, then she shifts to a contemporary, almost pop sound. It’s an emotional, rich voice that hints at sadness – and occasionally something beyond that – in most of these songs. For this reason her songs are haunting – they tug at the listener so that you pay attention and then they don’t let you go. 

The song that has most lingered for me is ‘Throw Away the Past’. Not all of the lyrics are easy to hear – ‘Lessons of Life’ sounds like it’s formed during a tough time – but Briggs’s voice makes them accessible and very much worth your time.

Save Me by Leah Briggs is out now.