Freya Josephine Hollick’s Instagram bio reads: ‘Genre irrelevant but country + soul + cosmic-melancholia’. This statement is true. Also true is that she is fascinating, compelling and impossible to ignore – and definitely not impossible to love, as she (or the narrator of the song) states that she is from the outset of her latest single. Although the tide of the story changes and the other – the ‘you’ – becomes the one who is impossible to love. And impossible not to love.

Taken from Hollick’s forthcoming album, The Real World, is a trip through the vicissitudes of love (or, at least, a crush). There’s self-deprecation and self-awareness, and a healthy dose of scepticism.

Recorded with Lucinda Williams’s band Buick 6 and renowned guitarist Greg Leisz, ‘Impossible to Love’ is an irresistible confection of that country and soul and cosmic-melancholia, entertaining and witty and just plain delightful.

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