Lucille_RAW_Proofs-0024-1_2With the release of her debut single, ‘The Killing Season’, Melbourne singer-songwriter Lucille announced herself as an artist who is willing to take inspiration from what could be considered non-traditional sources – in this case, the implosion of the federal ALP while in government – to craft a powerful song. Her second single, ‘Kerikeri’, was quite different: it was an ode to her childhood in New Zealand. By that point it was clear that Lucille was not going to follow a safe path, not that anything in her background suggested she would. Raised in a musical environment, music seems to have seeped into her marrow and she is an artist who is intensely instinctual and also incredibly talented. By developing considerable skills over time she is able to draw on what’s fundamental to her and express it to a broader audience.

Lucille’s debut album, Come On, Fly, has influences from country, rock, pop and folk. This is because Lucille knows a range of genres intimately and will draw on what is necessary for the song. That’s how we come to have an album that doesn’t fit into one slot but which has a distinct identity: Lucille’s. Lucille is sure of what she wants to present to her audience – there is not a moment of hesitation on this album – and the result is a mature, rich work.

Each song on Come On, Fly is complete and contained because Lucille is a highly articulate lyricist: she will give us the beginning, middle and end of a story in each song, so we have a sense as each song ends that we’ve been taken on a journey, and we can stop there or move on. In that way the album is like a collection of short stories. And, as with a collection of stories, we are offered a range of experiences and emotions. Come On, Fly is an emotional album, and that is telegraphed on the first track, which is the title song. There are turns Lucille’s voice takes in that song that will break your heart and also make it soar. This is an experience you’ll have again and again throughout the album. This makes it an experience to be savoured; because it is intriguing and layered you will immediately want to turn around and savour it all over again.

Come On, Fly is out now.

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