Melody Moko continues to build anticipation for her second album, Two Kids & a Radio, with the release of its second single, ‘Benjamin’. The song is a tribute to an ex – an acknowledgement of this person’s impact on her life, without regret or recrimination. Benjamin is, simply, ‘the man who wasn’t meant for me’. Moko’s previous single was the equally affecting ‘Last Cigarette’.

Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes have become known for their alt-country sound but this year they have been busting out of their boundaries, releasing first the infectious ‘You Remind Me of Myself’ and, now, the swampy ‘I Went Down’, which is the sort of song that should accompany you down a dark road on a moonless night. On this occasion Bryan’s highly adaptable voice is steeped in melancholy menace. And we now know this for sure: we cannot know what to expect what’s coming next from this band, and in an uncertain point in human history that is, paradoxically, exciting.

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