Looking for some new music? This playlist contains singles released by Australian country music artists over the past month or so. Full track listing after the playlist.

Adam James – ‘Love We Lost’

Aly Cook – ‘I’ll Fly Away’

Andy Golledge – ‘Ghost of Love’

Arna Georgia – ‘All My Married Friends’

Caitlyn Shadbolt – ‘Two Lost Lovers’

Cass Hopetoun – ‘Fortune Teller’

Catherine Britt – ‘Fav’rit Song’

Dan Higgins – ‘Ain’t Gonna Bottle it Up’

Della Harris – ‘She Said What?’

Dusty – ‘Show You Country’

Drew McAlister – ‘When This is All Over’

Emmagen Rain – ‘Karaoke Song’

Fanny Lumsden – ‘Dig’

Hayley Jensen – ‘Fireworks’

Helen Townsend (feat. Shannon Smith) – ‘We’re Through’

Hurricane Fall feat. Crawford Brothers – ‘Aftertaste’

Jarred Taylor – ‘Tailgate’

Jason Lee – ‘Whiskey Kinda Night’

Jason Owen – ‘So This is Christmas’

Jimmi Carr – ‘Chemical Rain’

Kimberley Wheeler – ‘Ordinary Shoes’

Kirsty Lee Akers – ‘Fallin”

Laura T Davis – ‘Make it Till Christmas’

Matt Scullion – ‘1868’

Paula Standing – ‘I’d Go Back Again’

Raechel Whitchurch – ‘You Ain’t One of Us’

Tanya Ransom – ‘Cyclone’

Then Jolene – ‘3 Rivers’