Katie Brianna is a singer-songwriter possessed of a deeply soulful voice and the ability to write lyrics that go straight to the listener’s heart, as evidenced on her albums Dark Side of the Morning and Victim or the Heroine. She has recorded a new album, This Way or Some Other, for release on 26 March, working with producer Adam Young (former member of The Daisygrinders and Big Heavy Stuff) and musicians from The Cruel Sea, The Clouds, The Re-Mains, Spurs For Jesus and more. 

The first single from the new album is ‘Wedding Ring’. The song is about hopes and uncertainties, within oneself and within a relationship. Listened to once, it is impossible to forget. Brianna’s voice is mesmerising and vulnerable, accompanied by gently balanced instrumentation and Caitlin Harnett on backing vocals. 

Says Brianna of the track, ‘”Wedding Ring” is an extremely personal song to me. A lot of my songs are, but this is probably one of the most intimate. I don’t really think about that when I’m writing a song, so I have to try not to think about it when recording or performing it either. Everyone can see right in to the inside of my mind. It’s also hard because my marriage is generally quite private, but these songs just spill out of me and well, I let them.’

It’s always an act of bravery for an artist to reveal so much about themselves, but it also offers a chance to the listener to truly connect with that artist and with their art. ‘Wedding Ring’ gives those who are new to Katie Brianna’s work the opportunity to find her right where she is now, and for existing fans to deepen their relationship with her ahead of the album’s release.

‘Wedding Ring’ is out now through Stanley Records.