For Logan Hoswell, a singer-songwriter from Tamworth, NSW/Kamilaroi country, beloved artist Lyn Bowtell is a cherished mentor and friend. Hoswell attended the CMAA Junior Academy in 2016 and there met Bowtell, who is now the director of the Academy. Bowtell was, says Hoswell, like ‘the missing puzzle piece’ in her life. Bowtell went on to become her vocal coach for several years, and close friend, and she is now the inspiration for Hoswell’s new single, ‘Sister in Song’, as well as a collaborator in it.

‘Logan lights up any room she’s in,’ says Bowtell, ‘and when she sings, it’s even brighter. ‘“Sister in Song” is our friendship anthem, and I am so excited to be a part of this very special release. We wrote it in my kitchen, laughing and drinking cups of tea.’ 

In so many ways ‘Sister in Song’ is a love song, honouring as it does the connection between two people, the esteem they have for each other and the way they have become each other’s chosen family. It is simply and beautifully expressed, and the joy the friends find in the other can be heard in each singer’s voice and in the song’s production, by Shane Nicholson, who also produced Hoswell’s debut single, ‘Stone Cold Heart’. It is a song guaranteed to lift your day, and your heart.