In October last year Lucy Mills, a singer-songwriter from Wollongong, NSW/Tharawal country, released the lovely single ‘Evergreen’ under the name LEO. The single was not, however, her musical debut as she has been playing live for several years in the Illawarra area. Over the past couple of years she has been sharing gigs with another Wollongong musician, Nick Blow. The duo also share, they say, ‘a penchant for hats and heartbreaking songs’.

The duo has now become The Grandkids and they have a debut single, ‘Shame and Glory’, which is having its premiere here today. The song certainly tugs at the heart, with Blow’s and Mills’s voices weaving wistfulness into the melody. But as much as there is reflection on life’s difficulties in the song’s story there is also the acknowledgement of ‘counting every one of my lucky stars’.

The Grandkids formed during lockdown, when gigging was obviously impossible but there was, accordingly, more time for songwriting. That suggests there may be more Grandkids songs in the works, and welcome they will be.

You can listen to ‘Shame and Glory’ on: