Central Coast, NSW/ Guringai/Awabakal country artist Ella Powell released the impressive single ‘Somebody’ in the middle of this year. She has now released the single ‘Paper Town’, which was written during Sydney’s long 2021 lockdown, with the lines ‘Ocean breeze and quiet nights/But I want busy streets and bright lights/Because the whispers here are/Always on the wrong side of right’ hinting at the altered state of life during that time – although they could also apply to any place where you don’t feel at home. The song is about leaving behind that kind of place, taking a deep breath and moving on.

Powell is a teenager yet her maturity as a singer and songwriter suggest she has been working on her craft for some time. ‘Paper Town’ was produced by Golden Guitar-winning producer Matt Fell, and Powell is working on new music with Fell. Powell won the People’s Choice Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2019 and given the quality of the music she is releasing, she will surely be even more people’s choice of artist over the next few months and years.

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