Lee Martin is a South African-born artist living in Christchurch, New Zealand, who released the album Gypsy Soul in late February. The album is an eclectic mixture of musical styles (including country) that all make complete sense together because Martin is not so much the glue that holds them together as the golden thread. She’s an artist of real power and substance who makes it very easy to want to find out what happens in each song. Says Lee of the album, ‘I write about real life events and feelings, the dream of course is for the listener to resonate with the stories and also appreciate the cultural fusion of sounds that we brought to the album going back to my African roots.’

The latest single from Gypsy Soul is ‘Miss You’, and the video is having its premiere here today. ‘Miss You’ is one of the most musically stripped-back songs on the album but that serves its story. Missing someone is a plain fact, and a complicated experience, and it doesn’t need much adornment to be conveyed effectively in a song like this. Likewise, the video has a strong central premise that supports the song and enhances it too.

Find out more about Lee Martin at www.leemartinmusician.com