Brisbane artist Lisa De Angelis released her debut single, ‘Tumblin’ Back’, in 2021 and returned in March this year with a firecracker of a track called ‘Hunger Pains’, with De Angelis’s sultry vocals leading the listener deep into the web of story she spins. It was produced and mixed by Paul Bain (Travis Collins, Kirsty Lee Akers), who also played drums and percussion, and mastered by Grammy Award winner William Bowden of King Willy Sound. 

Says De Angelis of the song, ‘”Hunger Pains” is truths about myself dressed up as the musings of an 1800s American outlaw. I love Westerns and the visual of cowboys and outlaws in the desert: the yearning for freedom and to live an interesting life and to stay a few steps ahead of one’s demons has always resonated with me.’

Now De Angelis has a video to match that story, having its premiere here today. It features a zombified resurrection and hunger pains for … well, you’ll have to watch and see, but let’s just say that De Angelis makes a convincing musical zombie! The video was produced by Rare Squid Creative, with Paddy Long as creative director/co-editor and Joshua Willson as cinematographer/editor.