The Florin Arc are a duo from the New England region of New South Wales who released the single, ‘India’, earlier this year. Although it was their debut release, members Alyce Proud (piano & vocals) and Heath Forsyth (guitar, bass and backing vocals) have written hundreds of songs together – and their latest is ‘Horses at the Crossing’, from their forthcoming EP, which is due for release in 2023.

Says Forsyth of the song, ‘On the surface “Horses at the Crossing” is a story of a Man from Snowy River-type character facing a moment of uncertainty, but I think the more general concept is one that many people can relate to and that is that we each want to achieve things in life but we only have finite time and we all have to keep running, cause the day we stop running, that’s the day our race is run.  The line from the chorus is taken from a Robert Frost poem about finding peace of mind.’

The accompanying music video, which is having its premiere here today, acts as a visual counterpoint to the song’s mesmeric rhythm – which is akin to a slow canter, appropriately – and the clarion call of Proud’s vocals. Filled with the rush of day-to-day life it also reveals the song to be a refuge from that very bustle: in a literal sense, music can be the antidote even when there is, as the chorus reminds us in a nod to Robert Frost, miles to go before we sleep.

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