In October last year The Florin Arc – a duo from the New England region of New South Wales with a folk-rock sound that has elements of country and Americana – released the wonderful single ‘Horses at the Crossing’. Now they return with ‘A Door I Should Have Kept Closed’, which is their fourth single and taken from their forthcoming EP, and it is having its premiere here today.

The Florin Arc are Alyce Proud (piano and vocals) and Heath Forsyth (guitar and backing vocals), and the pair have been making music together for five years, writing dozens of songs in that time. That implies a process of curation, refining and editing, in order for them to release the songs we have now. The compelling and mature ‘A Door I Should Have Kept Closed’ is the beneficiary of that time and care. To listen to the song, with its tale of missed chances and fond regrets, is to feel like you’re wrapped up in a sonic dream, particularly with Proud’s evocative vocals, which are laced rather than heavy with that regret.

‘I think everyone at some point probably looks back at some of the things that they have done and wishes that things could have been different,’ say the pair. ‘People often say that you cannot live in the past and live with regret, but sometimes it’s not that simple.’

‘A Door I Should Have Kept Closed’ was recorded with producer and drummer Hugh Cook from Glenrock Studio in regional New South Wales.

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