In his new single ‘Hurtful Ways’ Victorian singer-songwriter Jeremy Beggs sings about causing hurt to another – except the way he delivers the lines makes it clear that the person who is most hurt is, in fact, him. It’s because Beggs has a rich, expressive and emotional voice that we are in no doubt that this is the case, even as he spends the song trying to find a way to not atone for his hurtful ways so much as find a path through and beyond them. If you’d like to hear this unforgettable song before it’s released to the wider world, the premiere is taking place here – click on the image below to listen.

Beggs released the EP Layered Signs, introducing audiences to his Americana sound after years in the band The Suffringtons. At the 2022 Tamworth Country Music Festival he met the Melbourne-based artist Matt Joe Gow, who recently released the magnificent album Between Tonight & Tomorrow. ‘Hurtful Ways’ was written by Beggs with Gow, and Gow produced the song along with Andrew Pollock

The song is a result of Beggs reflecting on the never-ending balance between career and family. ‘My family always comes first,’ Beggs explains, ‘but the reality is as a musician, sometimes we are taken away from the ones we love. I’m constantly trying to find and keep that balance but unfortunately that sometimes tilts too far one way and requires recalibration.’

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