Whether you’re on the Stuart Highway, the New England, the Hume, the Pacific or the Nullarbor, you need good musical company – and you’ll find it with these Australian country music tunes just right for the road all collected in a playlist for your listening convenience. Track listing – in no particular order – below the Spotify and YouTube players.

Brad Butcher – ‘Conversations and Complications’

Brad Cox – ‘Somewhere Like Cheyenne’

Catherine Britt – ‘Good to Bad’

Harmony James – ‘Tailwind’

Jemma Beech – ‘You Fool’

Fanny Lumsden – ‘Totem Tennis’

Amber Lawrence – ‘I’m Coming Home’

Kasey Chambers – ‘Mr Baylis’

Troy Cassar-Daley – ‘Going Back Home’

The McClymonts – ‘Lifelines & Superheroes’

Beccy Cole – ‘Sorry I Asked’

Matt Joe Gow – ‘Til My Whole Heart Bursts’

Duncan Toombs – ‘Run’

Slim Dusty – ‘Lights on the Hill’

Ella Powell – ‘Drive’

Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes – ‘Black Coffee’

Hayley Marsten – ‘Wendy’

Kimberley Bowden – ‘Can’t Stop Livin’ It’

Lyn Bowtell – ‘He Burns’

Missy Lancaster – ‘Forget’

Jasmine Rae – ‘Don’t Do it for the Haters’

Sinead Burgess – ‘Somewhere Between You and Vegas’

The Weeping Willows – ‘Wheels Won’t Roll’

Andy Golledge – ‘Run to the River’

Adam Harvey – ‘Everything I Own Has Got a Dent’

Lee Kernaghan – ‘She’s My Ute’

Max Jackson – ‘Runnin’

Bud Rokesky – ‘Baby & I’

Amber Rae Slade – ‘Yippie-Ki-You-Ki-Yay’

Andrew Swift – ‘Runaway Train’

Brittany Elise – ‘Feel the Fire’

Melanie Dyer – ‘Run Out of Road’

The Wolfe Brothers – ‘Kids on Cassette’

Natalie Henry – ‘Weed, Wine and Women’

Blake O’Connor – ‘Willin’ and Ready’

Cassidy-Rae – ‘Amazing’

James Johnston – ‘Raised Like That’

Piper Butcher – ‘Before the Thunder’

Corey Legge – ‘Some Days’

Vixens of Fall – ‘If You Don’t Want My Love’

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change – ‘3 Minute Movie’

Kiara Rodrigues – ‘High School Reunion’

Melody Moko – ‘The Outskirts’

Jade Holland – ‘Oh My Heart’

Jimbo Stokes – ‘Headed Country’

Adam Brand – ‘How They’ll Remember Me’

Tania Kernaghan – ‘That’s a Tradie’

Gretta Ziller – ‘Hunt for Love’

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