There have been some magic duos in Australian country music, and some excellent duets as a result. Some of these duets are between regular collaborators, some are not, but they all make for great listening. The playlist is available in Spotify and YouTube – both are embedded below, and the track listing appears below the players.

Emily Hatton + Troy Kemp – ‘Maybe’

Jayne Denham + Troy Kemp – ‘Rainstorm’

Beccy Cole + Adam Harvey – ‘I Don’t Love You Much Do I’

Troy Cassar-Daley + Adam Harvey – ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’

Jason Owen + Tania Kernaghan – ‘Let Your Love Flow’

Lyn Bowtell + Shane Nicholson – ‘Wiser’

Luke O’Shea + Ashleigh Dallas – ‘Long Way ’round’

Luke O’Shea + Lyn Bowtell – ‘Where You Go I Go’

Beccy Cole + Kasey Chambers – ‘Millionaires’

Karl Broadie + Kevin Bennett – ‘It Lasts’

Sammy White + Brad Cox – ‘Love on the Line’

Camille Trail + Brad Butcher – ‘Holding Pattern’

Ben Leece + Melody Pool – ‘Come on December’

Felicity Urquhart + Josh Cunningham – ‘No Such Luck’

Catherine Britt + Lee Kernaghan – ‘Country Fan’

Lily Grace + James Blundell -‘Annie June’

Gina Jeffreys + Tania Kernaghan – ‘My Old Friend’

Melanie Dyer + Caitlyn Shadbolt – ‘Dumb Decisions’

Angus Gill + Anne Kirkpatrick – ‘Waiting for the Boss’

Hunter Kaine + Shane Nicholson – ‘Long Way from Lonely’

Brooke McClymont + Adam Eckersley – ‘Not How I Feel’

Andrew Swift & Cass Hopetoun – ‘Say the Word’

Matt Cornell + Adam Brand – ‘Our Church’

Raechel Whitchurch + Kevin Bennett – ‘I Used to Think I Was an Outlaw’

The Mezcaltones – ‘Wouldn’t Last a Day’

SToReR – ‘Dust Kids’

Josie Laver + Matt Joe Gow – ‘Love Me Still’

Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes + Tim Rogers – ‘As Long as It’s Not Us’

Harmony James + Shane Nicholson – ‘Reach for You’

Luke O’Shea + Amber Lawrence – ‘Catch You’

Karl Broadie + Melanie Horsnell – ‘Tears’

Jasmine Rae + Adam Brand – ‘Quit This Time’

Angus Gill + Kevin Bennett – ‘Listen to the Country’

James Reyne + Ella Hooper – ‘Way Out West’

Brad Cox + Adam Eckersley – ‘Remedy’

Fanny Lumsden + Thomas Lumsden – ‘Fallow’

Travis Collins + Amber Lawrence – ‘Our Backyard’

McAlister Kemp – ‘After the Breakdown’

Will Day + Brooke Schubert – ‘Simple Then’

The Pleasures – ‘The Beginning of the End’

The Wolfe Brothers + Amy Sheppard – ‘Something Good’s Gonna Happen’

The Weeping Willows – ‘River of Gold’

Cornell & Carr – ‘We Go Way Back’

Michael Waugh + Felicity Urquhart – ‘Too Many Drawers’

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