Some songs take their time emerging, even once they feel like they’re finished. For singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jo Caseley a decade was the right amount of time for her latest single, ‘Houseless Never Homeless’, to find its way to a studio, a producer and now out into the world.

The song was written by Caseley with Bill Chambers and recorded at Rabbit Hole Studios, which is co-owned by Kasey Chambers, with members of Kasey’s band including Brandon Dodd on guitars, Jeff McCormack on bass and Syd Green on drums, while Chambers senior plays lap steel.

‘Houseless Never Homeless’ is the first single from Caseley’s forthcoming album, High on Heartstrings, and takes its title from a chapter in her late American grandmother’s memoir that tells the story of a childhood on the move. ‘The comfort I find from feeling close and connected to my grandmother, singing her story years after her passing is immeasurable,’ says Caseley. ‘I hope it can bring comfort to others knowing that with love and hope, anything is possible.’

Caseley’s song is joyful and carefree in its depiction of a childhood without convention, and the video for ‘Houseless Never Homeless’ – which is having its premiere here today and made by Syd Green – captures the lightness and positivity of the lyrics. You can watch that video below and find out more about Jo Caseley at