Singer-songwriter Andy Penkow has seen a lot of Australia as he has travelled its roads and through its towns and cities playing gigs. This year alone he has over 100 shows booked, many of those in country towns – and it’s those towns that inspired his latest single, ‘Aussie Rain’, which lovingly and joyfully evokes one town in particular: Coonabarabran in New South Wales.

‘As a full time musician, I get the amazing opportunity to travel across Australia and visit some pretty neat places,’ explains Penkow. ‘I first visited a small town in outback New South Wales called Coonabarabran a few years back and I felt an instant connection. There was something so special and unique about it. The people, the land, the history, the nighttime stars, it really moved me. Aussie Rain is a love letter to the town, to thank them for being part of my journey as an artist, singer and songwriter.’

‘Aussie Rain’ was written by Penkow with Rip-Van Parks and produced by Michael Moko, and its production, and Penkow’s vocals, are full of warmth to match that in the lyrics. The video for the song, which was directed by Duncan Toombs, is having its premiere here today. Filmed in Coona, as the town is known, it shows all the reasons why the place has captured Penkow’s heart – and also a bit of that Aussie rain. 

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