Tammy Moxon released the album Drive Me Sane in 2019 then the brand new single ‘Fighting Chance’ earlier this year. At the same time as writing and recording music she keeps up a brisk performing pace in her hometown of Townsville in Queensland.

Moxon now has a great new follow-up single, ‘Comfy’. ‘It was the first song I wrote in that three months of the initial pandemic shutdown,’ says Moxon. ‘I was determined to write a happy love song … The definition of “comfy” according to me – the state of contentment in a relationship. Knowing, without a doubt, that your partner is right for you. Feeling like you can be yourself in his presence and still get butterflies.’

Moxon and I had a chance to chat about ‘Comfy’ and quite a few other things. You can watch our chat on YouTube (below), or on the podcast.

tammymoxon.com | Listen to ‘Comfy’ on Apple Music