There were many, many great songs released in August and September this year – so many that while this is not a complete list of all releases, a large playlist was called for. So here’s a bumper crop of releases, some from new artists, some from your favourites, all of them together showing that Australian country music is flourishing. The track listing appears after the Spotify player.

Abbie Ferris – ‘Neon Buzz’       

Allie Jean – ‘Gasoline on Fire’

Amber Lawrence – ‘Live a Country Song’        

Amber Rae Slade – ‘Everything’s More Beautiful Because We’re Doomed’

Amy Sheppard – ‘Overthinking’           

Andrew Farriss – ‘Someone for Everyone’      

Andrew Swift – ‘All These Parts’          

Andy Golledge – ‘Country Band’

Ashleigh Dallas – ‘Sweet for You’

Brad Butcher ft Busby Marou – ‘People Get Old’

Brooke Schubert – ‘Stronger’  

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys – ‘I’ll Get By’

Camille Trail – ‘Gotta Get to Know You’

Cass Hopetoun & Blake Dantier – ‘Some Things Never Get Old’

Charlie Fittler – ‘Gypsy Soul’    

Chelsea Berman – ‘Break Up Again’    

Chloe Swannell – ‘Strange Love’          

Corey Legge – ‘Friday Nights’  

Corn Nut Creek – ‘Home on Earth’

Darren Coggan – ‘The 5 O’Clock Wave’           

David Garnham & The Reasons to Live and Gleny Rae Virus – ‘Long Way Round’

Duncan Toombs – ‘Steel on Steel’       

Ella & Sienna – ‘Like a Boy’      

Felicity Urquhart & Josh Cunningham – ‘Size Up’

Finnian Johnson – ‘Dishonest’

Fleur Wiber – ‘Counting Backwards from 100’           

Good Will Remedy – ‘Holdin Up’

Harvey Russell – ‘Look Me in the Eye’

Hayley Jensen – ‘Welcome Back Summer’      

Ingrid Mae – ‘Better Man’       

Jade Gibson – ‘Heavens Know’

Jake Davey – ‘Made’    

Jake Whittaker – ‘Later’           

James Keith – ‘This Town’        

Jazmyn – ‘Lay Your Guns Down’          

Jeremy Edwards – ‘Clear, Like a Bell’   

Jess Parker – ‘Wholesome Prison Blues’         

Jimbo Stokes – ‘Same Damn Walls’     

Jo Caseley – ‘Take Me to the Boozer’

Josh Setterfield – ‘Feelin’ Love’           

Josie – ‘Freight Man’    

Josie Laver – ‘Ride This Lullaby’

Kaitlyn Thomas – ‘Damn You’  

Katelann Maree – ‘Let Him Go’ 

Kayla Mahon – ‘Love’s Got a Witness’

Kingswood – ‘God Already Knows’      

Kirsty Lee Akers – ‘Physical Distraction’           

Krystal Cameron – ‘Good Luck Forgetting Me’

Lily Grace – ‘Maybe So’            

Loren Ryan – ‘Take Me Home’

Luke O’Shea – ‘Different Drum’           

Maddie Cail – ‘Drink with Me’

Matt Cornell – ‘Back for a Day’

Matt Joe Gow – ‘Between Tonight & Tomorrow Reprise’

Matt Scullion – ‘The Bush Takes Care of Its Own’       

Meghan Maike – ‘Goodbye I Love You’           

Melanie Dyer – ‘Dust’

Michael Carpenter and the CRC – ‘Oh Caroline, You’re a Dreamer’   

Michael Waugh – ‘We Are Here’         

Misty Harlowe – ‘Old Omeo’

Natalie Pearson – ‘is he happy’

Nathan Lamont – ‘Drink You Up’         

O’Shea – ‘Everything Means Nothing’

Patrick Wilson – ‘Coffee Song’

Piper Rodrigues – ‘Bridges’      

Route 33 – ‘One Big Song’

Rusty Pickups ft Vixens of Fall – ‘Always Be Home’     

Ryan Daykin and Kelly Brouhaha – ‘Jack and Jill’         

Sammi Palinkas – ‘You’ve Lived’

Sara Berki – ‘Favour’    

Saralyn – ‘Last Goodbye’         

Sari Abbott – ‘Two Way Street’            

Shanleigh Rose – ‘Here We Go Again’

Sin City – ‘Am I the One You Love?’     

Small Town Romance – ‘Home Fires’

Tammy Moxon – ‘Comfy’

Tania Nichamin – ‘Lorraine’     

TC Cassidy and Angus Gill – ‘Waiting on a Train’         

The Buckleys – ‘Wondering’    

Tori Forsyth ft Shane Nicholson – ‘Sometimes’      

Valley Road – ‘1982’

Wicker Suite – ‘All I Never Wanted’     

William Alexander – ‘Blackwood Town’          

Zane Banks – ‘Hearts on Fire’

Zara Lindeman & Eloise Rayner – ‘Fallin’ for a Cowboy’