The Instagram bio for Brisbane indie-folk duo The Wicked Messenger – whose members are Jimi Beavis (The Holy Rollercoasters, Jimi Beavis) and Janey McEniery (The Good Ship, Doch) – reads, ‘Sad modern folk music from relatively happy people’. The pair released their debut album, Bellbird Grove, in 2021 and are now planning the release of their second album in 2024. From it comes the single ‘Ten Years Older’ – but this is not a sad folk song. Indeed, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face and a tap in your toe as you listen to this ode to second chances.

‘My storytelling side suggested a three-act structure where the characters get together in high school, break up, and then meet later in life and start something new,’ says Beavis. ‘As with many songs on our next album it all seems to happen in and around West End, where we live.’

The single is having its premiere here today and apart from Beavis and McEniery features the talents of Andrew Garton, Chris Bancroft, Cathy Bell and Sam Schlencker, all supporting Beavis’s yearning, wistful vocal and McEniery’s lush backing vocals.

Listen to ‘Ten Years Older’: