Lisa-Nicole-WaitonMe-Single-Art-High-ResCanadian singer-songwriter Lisa Nicole’s new song has its origins in a 2017 encounter with Keith Urban, when Lisa Nicole had the chance to jump on stage with him. It inspired Lisa Nicole to move to Nashville from British Columbia in 2018 – and that meant she now had a long-distance relationship with her Canadian partner. ‘Wait on Me’ is the song that resulted.

This is not a song about the artist wishing she weren’t on the road – instead, she embraces the work while acknowledging that it’s hard to be apart from the one she loves. So she asks him to wait on her.

Says Lisa Nicole, ‘There are moments in life that test the balance of our commitment between professional goals and personal relationships. While there is great pressure to choose one over the other, I don’t believe it has to be that way. Your heart can want – and have – both. “Wait on Me” is about making the bold choice to follow through on your dreams, but also build a future with someone you love anywhere and anytime – regardless of obstacles.’

This is heartwarming country pop with a realistic story and message – and as it was written after her relocation to Nashville it suggests that Lisa Nicole made the right decision.

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