LEO is a singer-songwriter from the Illawarra region of New South Wales who over the past few months has released the single ‘Evergreen’ and also the single ‘Shame and Glory’ as part of duo The Grandkids. Collaboration clearly suits her, for she has now joined with Chad Steele, who is part of Popasaurus with his songwriting partner, Adam Agazzi, and under that banner they’ve released two EPs. Recently, Steele also joined The Huneez and co-writes for the pop trio, with whom he continues to perform, and released a solo album, Waking Dream.

LEO and Steele crossed paths in the Illawarra music scene then worked separately during the recent NSW lockdown, sending lyrics and music back and forth, to create the new single ‘North Star’.

‘North Star’ is a charming, disarming and absolutely necessary Christmas song. After a couple of years that have possibly provoked all of our darker Ebenezer Scrooge impulses, the song is the glorious antidote to any cynicism you may find creeping in as well as to the hustle and bustle of just trying to make it to the end of the year intact. It’s the sort of Christmas song you should start listening to now, and keep listening to daily until at least 25 December, to remind you to stop and appreciate the sweetest details of life. LEO and Steele weave their voices gently around each other, to evoke the story of a couple looking at decorated houses on a warm summer night and relaxing with a drink by the tree, and so they’re gentle with us, as listeners, too. What a welcome way to ease out of a very difficult year.

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