In September 2021 Newcastle, NSW/Mulubinba singer-songwriter Piper Butcher released a five-track EP called, appropriately, September (to read the Sunburnt Country Music review, go here). It reached number 1 on the Alternative Album iTunes Chart and number 2 on the All genre Album iTunes Chart. Butcher had already released singles from the EP, ‘Before the Thunder’ and ‘Haunting Your Thoughts’, and they telegraphed the arrival of a serious talent. It was no surprise to see Butcher’s name being attached to shows headlined by artists such as You Am I, although pandemic restrictions got in the way of several shows going ahead. Late in January I had the chance to talk to Butcher and a more delightful and diligent young artist you would never meet. You can watch our chat on YouTube or listen on SoundCloud (both options below), and please enjoy the guest appearance by my microphone.