Kerryn Fields and Matt Joe Gow are both artists from Aotearoa New Zealand who have released solo albums over the past couple of years – Fields released her second album, the impressive Water, in 2021 and Joe Gow his fourth, the rich, thoughtful Between Tonight & Tomorrow, only a few weeks ago. 

Fields and Joe Gow are currently on tour in their homeland under the banner Your Heart of Gold. This is also the title of the first single they have released together, which heralds their larger project: an album, to be released early next year. 

‘Your Heart of Gold’ was produced by Joe Gow and his longtime co-producer Andrew Pollock and is one of three songs written by Fields and Joe Gow that were recently shortlisted for the New Zealand MLT Songwriting Awards.

Instrumentally ‘Your Heart of Gold’ is light – not thin – but that’s as it should be when you have two such fine singers working together and you want to bring both voices to the fore. There is a reference in the song to being spun around, and that is reflected in the feeling of it: a sense of the two artists spinning away and back towards each other, meeting for moments then doing their own thing. That is true of their musical projects: as individual artists they are distinct from each other musically and lyrically, but together they have found a way to meet and create something new – a song that is simultaneously touching and catchy and fun. And if there’s as much joy in the creation of the song as there is for the listener, it’s no wonder they decided to make an album.

‘Your Heart of Gold’ by Matt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields is now available on the usual platforms.

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